Wesley Foundation at Mississippi University for Women

is a United Methodist campus ministry sponsored in full or in part by one or more Methodist Church on a non-church owned and operated campus. Wesley Foundations claim ancestry in the founding “Holy Club” of the Methodist movement, a group of students at Oxford University guided by Wesley in “methodical” (hence “Methodist”) study, prayer, and self-discipline. Today a Wesley Foundation is the presence of the United Methodist Church on or near, and in service to, a state-run, non-church affiliated college or university.

The first Wesley Foundation was established October 13, 1913 at the University of Illinois and it’s name refers to John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church.  “Foundation” was selected to mean an “open movement,” an ecumenical movement available to all college students.  Wesley Foundations are governed by the basic unit of the United Methodist Church, the annual conference.

The Wesley Foundation in Columbus on the Mississippi University for Women campus was established to give Methodist students “a home away from home.” Also to give them a place to practice their religion freely with activities and fun times together. Members of Wesley United Methodist Church serve on their board.  Wesley also provides meals for the student gatherings and the membership of Wesley United Methodist Church supports their activities and fund raisers.