Our Mission

Wesley United Methodist Church desires to worship God by walking in faith, teaching others the way, and growing a disciples.

Wesley United Methodist Church will offer opportunities:

  1. to be sure all have received the Lord through Evangelism and Outreach.
  2. to empower individuals and assist them to assimilate the Word into lives through teaching and worship.
  3. to be nurtured individually and corporately as we learn to assimilate and grow through nurture and discipleship.
  4. for leadership through ministry team projects, serving on business teams, and fulfilling roles in worship.
  5. for worship and participate in specific events for celebration through worship and nurture.
  6. for growth through discipleship events.

Our Values

Wesley United Methodist Church is a congregation committed to our vows of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, constantly being renewed in our faith by the Holy Spirit and one another as demonstrated by our faithful response to the ministries God gives to us.