The purpose of youth ministries is to grow servant-leaders who

• Are committed disciples of Jesus Christ;
• Seek to grow in their personal relationship with God;
• Promote social justice following the example of Christ in thought, word, and deed.

Our mission is to help teens become the reflection of Christ in our community and in the world.
This will be accomplished through worship, study, mission, and fellowship.

Responsibility of the Youth Ministry Team

1. Be servant-leaders seeking to grow in their own spiritual lives and emulating the love and wisdom of Christ as role models to young people.
2. Coordinate with other ministries of the church by sharing youth perspectives, plans, and ideas.
3. Plan and implement events for youth ministry, including worship, service, study, and fellowship opportunities
4. Participate with youth in mission and outreach events.
5. Coordinate and conduct regularly schedule activities.
6. Youth team will coordinator food, service activities, assist youth in fundraising and discipleship opportunities for our youth along with leading Bible studies and other teaching opportunities.


Wesley’s youth will grow in grace, faith and obedience through weekly meetings
incorporating learning, worship and fellowship; through service and mission projects; and through participation in church, state and jurisdictional activities.
These include:
• Weekly meeting of W.H.O.L.E., which means “Well Healed Obedient Loving Empowered”
• Attendance at “The Gathering” in February, 2017
• Attendance at Lake Junaluska Youth Week in June, 2017